Christ attacked in College // Godly Resistance to Same Sex Marriage Getting Smacked Down

How to maintain your faith in college, attacked in world religion, comparative religion classes?
Mike Kruger talks about this, having faced as a freshman Bart Ehrman, notorious for vociferous attacks against anti-orthodox Christianity.

Have you heard of the county clerk in Kentucky who is refusing to sign same sex marriage licenses, and refusing to resign?  She is a hero, says Doug Wilson, and I agree.

"If just ten governors treated Obergefell the same way Kim Davis is treating it, that entire unrighteous and despotic imposition would collapse and fall to the ground. And if they did so, they would not be sinning against the United States. Rather, they would be preventing the United States from sinning.

"I would rather have non-Christian clerks acting like non-Christian clerks than to have Christian clerks do it for them.

"Make the bad guys reveal themselves. Make them crack down on evangelical county clerks, while continuing to wink at sanctuary cities and local defiance of federal pot laws. Why do they apply their “It’s the law! Bow down!” standard so inconsistently? Well, mostly it is because evangelicals are sweet and naive enough to let them get away with it."

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