Isaiah 37-38

King Hezekiah sends his officials to Isaiah for help from God.
Isaiah says not to worry about it.  The Assyrians will leave.
Sennacherib of Assyria writes King Hezekiah that he won't escape, even though he is leaving for now.  He lumps God in with other nations' gods.  Hezekiah shows God the letter in the temple and pleads for deliverance.  God destroys 185,000 Assyrian soldiers before they withdraw, and Sennacherib is assassinated by his sons.

Hezekiah gets sick, and the prognosis is terminal.  He prays to God to remember his faithfulness, and God gives him 15 more years.  His sign is that the shadow on the sundial reversed itself 10 steps.  He writes a poem telling of God afflicting and then saving him.

How this is about Jesus
37 - This is similar to the end of time, when the nations will gather against Jerusalem and be defeated en masse (Revelation 19:19-21).
38 - Jesus actually dies, unlike Hezekiah, and God resurrects Him based on His faithfulness.

Trust in the Lord when hard-pressed tests that faith.
We should feel free to show God, lay out before Him, the trials we endure that threaten to tarnish His name on earth.
Not many people have been told the year they will die.  Hezekiah knew.  How do we live, not knowing if this year will be our last?

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