Isaiah 3-4

God will take away the leaders until there are only children and women to rule them.
You sin openly, especially the women in their wantonness.  So their finery will be taken, with the lives of the men.

But the remaining branch of God living on Zion will be glorious and holy.
God will cover and shelter her.

How this is about Jesus
One mark of God's judgment on a people is when their leaders fall or cannot rule well.
This happened to Israel in Jesus' day, when they crucified the Lord.
Jesus is the vine, and we are the branches.  This was not a new picture with Jesus, but He uses it from this passage and others in Jeremiah.

Often the gifts of God that we use to sin with, God will take away in judgment.
We are desperate today for godly leadership - we see signs of this in our emphasis on politics, for example.

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