2 Corinthians 5-8

We have a more glorious body waiting for us in heaven.  We will be with the Lord when we leave this body behind in death.  So we aren't held back by earthly concerns, but persuade everyone of Gospel truth, compelled by Christ.  We see everyone through the new creation lens.  We are ambassadors to reconcile the world to God.  He has made this possible by counting our sin to Christ's account at the cross, so He can count Christ's righteousness to our account.

We appeal to you to come to the Lord and be saved.  We work to remove every obstacle to this appeal being effective among you.  We are much troubled and harrassed, but by the Spirit and patience and love continue our work.  You hinder it in the stingy credit you give us, while our heart is wide open to you.

Don't have close alliances with unbelievers, but rather separate to stay clean.

I was sad my letter grieved you, but also glad that it led to true repentance.
I'm glad my boasting to Titus about you, and confidence in you myself, has proven true.

The Macedonian churches have given generously to the Judean church relief fund.
Jesus gave generously of Himself, becoming poor for you to become rich.
I don't mean to impoverish you, but to even things out by your voluntary giving.
I commend to you Titus and the others coming with him to you with this letter.

How this is about Jesus
He compels us to testify of His saving grace and reconciliation.  Since He awaits us beyond death, there is nothing on earth that should slow us down from appealing to men to come to Him.
Knowing our sin grieves Him should turn us quickly from it, if we have taken Him as our Lord.
Jesus' giving is an example and the source of our own giving.

The Corinthians doubted Paul's good intentions, thinking he was a selfish, huckster of a televangelist.  Have hearts wide open to others, not cynical or suspecting others of malice.  This isn't a call to be naive, but to seek positive good for others, not avoiding them because you know they are totally depraved in heart.
Be hopeful in your dealings with others (1 Cor. 13:7).
General equality of standard of living should be a goal in the church and in our voluntary giving within the church.  NOT to be confused with state-enforced income equality!

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