Acts 20

Paul visits churches in Macedonia and Greece.  Another plot on his life emerges, and he heads for Jerusalem.  Representatives for several churches go with him.  At Troas, he talks until midnight and a young man falls asleep and falls out the window and dies on the spot.  But Paul restores him to life before leaving.  He wants to reach Jerusalem by Pentecost, so sends for the Ephesian elders to meet him halfway between the city and the port.  He exhorts them:

You know how I lived among you.  [Follow this example yourselves!]  Arrest awaits me in Jerusalem and I won't see you again.  So shepherd yourselves and the flock Jesus bought with His blood.  Wolves will sneak in to tear you apart and drag you away from the truth.  I commend you to God.

He prayed with them and left.

How this is about Jesus
The church Paul is tending is Christ's, bought with His blood.  Leaders need to take special care to be above reproach in their effort and integrity.

Church members should expect active oversight by their elders.
Elders need to teach and oversee, not only at assemblies, but in private visitation from house to house.

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