Good Theology Leads to Comfort

Tim Keller, pg. 151-152

"When I forget I am justified by faith alone - I give place to guilt and regret about the past.  I therefore live in bondage to idols of power and money that make me feel better about myself.

"When I forget I'm being sanctified through the presence of God's Holy Spirit - I give up on myself, stop trying to change.

"When I forget the hope of my future resurrection - I become afraid of aging and death.

"When I forget my adoption into the family of God - I become full of fears.  I don't pray with candor.  I lose my confidence.  I try to hide my faults from God and myself."

Page 159
"It is not right, says [John] Owen, to settle for mere mental assent to doctrines about Jesus, because that does not honor him.  There should be 'love, trust, delight, and longing after the full enjoyment of him.'"

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