The Puritans on Conversion

Part 5 - Soteriology
Chapter 32 - On Coming to Christ

Invitation to faith
The offer of Christ is to ALL.  Yes, the non-elect cannot choose Him, but we do not know who God will call to Himself.  So the invitation is well-meant and sincere. 

Impediments to faith
Neglecting Jesus as found in His Word, Church, and in prayer.
Reforming your life outwardly only.
Merely assenting to Gospel truth about Jesus, without an inward change being there.
Despairing of having sinned too much.
Too lazy or pre-occupied with other things.
Thinking that not being elect excludes you.
Not having heard the clear invitation.
Unbelief, the root of all these impediments.

Impetus for Coming to Christ
Accepting Christ is neither a simple outward act (praying a prayer or signing a card), nor are we beyond doing anything to know we are a Christian. We cannot come to Christ on our own power – we need God to draw us to Him (John 6:44). But when God effectually calls us to Him, the soul receives and trusts in Him. This isn’t just outward, or intellectual, or an act of the will alone. We reject ourselves as able to save, and rely on Christ as He is shown us in Scripture instead. Only through the Spirit does this happen (John 6:63).

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