What to do with Sundays? / Responding to Persecution

1. On the best day of the week, with a few practical tips for how to do Sundays.

"Lord’s Day worship isn’t a burden to endure, but a joyful offering from God to receive. Christians don’t put aside their earthly cares each week to earn God’s favor, but to enjoy worshiping the God whose favor has already been granted in Jesus Christ.

"I feel free from time constraints and the stress of an agenda and the rush of running errands and being in 10 places all at one time. It’s a joy. Most of all, I enjoy that I have unhindered time with God and with my family—my wife and children and my brothers and sisters in Christ."

2. John MacArthur has helpful words for responding to persecution.  Not politics, not toning down the message, but blessing and loving enemies in word and deed while staying faithful.

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