Isaiah 9-10

Galilee won't have darkness, though, but great light.
Invaders' battle gear will be burned, because the kingdom will go to the Son born for the throne of David.  That kingdom will expand and conquer forever.

But Israel has rebelled and not returned to God, even when He afflicted them.  Instead they sought in their own strength to rebuild.  Every part of society - prophet, king, people, elder, guides - has led Israel away from God.

Lawmakers write oppression, judges keep justice from widows and orphans.
All that'll be left for you is to crouch or fall in the onslaught God brings.
Assyria is out to destroy Israel, and God will use them.  But their motive of destruction and pride God will judge.
Assyria is coming, but do not fear, for God will restore a remnant.

How this is about Jesus
He is the Son born to us, given the government of David to rule forever.
He comes to judge the living and the dead, but will keep a people safe for Himself.

Some American leaders quoted Isaiah 9:10 right after the 9/11 attacks, unaware of its context!
And the shoe fits.  The last half of chapter 9 describes us to a T.

A nation cannot maintain dominance for long without faithfulness to God.  Its moral weakness becomes economic and political weakness, and others press in and exploit it.

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