2 Chronicles 21 // Obadiah

Jehoram, son of Jehoshaphat, ruled next.  He followed Ahab's ways, marrying one of Ahab's daughters.  He killed all his siblings to secure his throne.  Edom revolted and Jehoram barely escapes them with his life.  Elijah writes him a letter rebuking him for leading Israel into idolatry like Ahab.  Philistines and Arabians plunder Jerusalem.  He dies gruesomely and dishonorably, and no one was sad to see him go.

Edom, you exalt yourselves, like you live high in the rocks.  But I'm bringing you down.
You gloated when Israel was plundered, so you'll be plundered.
As you rejoiced at Israel's burning, you'll be burned yourselves.
The remnant of Israel will possess Edom.

How this is about Jesus
Enemies of Christ mocked and despised Him on the cross, not realizing the work of God that was happening, and their own judgment coming.
Jesus warns of the gruesome and dishonorable death coming to Jerusalem if they don't repent, and it happens, just as Elijah warned of Jehoram's death and it happens.

If you find yourself opposing God's people out of self-interest, you'll be condemned and judged by God.

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