Isaiah 1-2

Israel has rebelled against Me.  My own children don't know Me.
Israel is desolate, and has become like Sodom.
Your sacrifices weary Me, as you keep doing evil and injustice.
You haven't maintained your righteousness, so I will come and restore you.
You will be ashamed of your sins.

In coming days, Israel will invite each other eagerly to go up and worship God and seek His Word.
But now they are full of sorcery & idols.  God has a day marked on His calendar when He will judge.

How this is about Jesus
1 - He came to His own, but they didn't receive Him
2 - He ascended to be crowned King on God's mountain, and when Israel gathers to worship God, they also worship the Lamb on His throne.

1 - If we don't repent and correct ourselves, God will come and do it.  It'll hurt us more, but He will sanctify His saints.
2 - How eager are you to gather for worship and to be taught by God in His Word?  There is a connection between this eagerness (or lack of it) and our ethical obedience and behavior.

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