2 Chronicles 27-32

Uzziah's son Jotham was a good king, and grew strong with the Ammonites paying him tribute for several years.

Jotham's son Ahaz was a bad king who worshiped the Baals.
So God let Judah be defeated by Syria and Israel.  But He sent a prophet to restrain Israel when they went overboard in their subjugation of Judah.  Ahaz relied on the Baals and closed the temple during the crisis.

Ahaz's son Hezekiah restored temple worship in the first month of his reign.
Levites had to help sacrifice, because there weren't enough clean priests to do it.

They decide to celebrate the Passover a month late, to give time for the invitation to go out to all, and for the priests to purify themselves.  Most of Israel laughs at it, though some come.  Many people aren't ritually clean, but they decide to let them partake anyway, asking God to bless it.

With offerings from Israel revived, they have leftovers, so Hezekiah gets the priest and Levite families registered to make sure they are all supported well.

Assyria invades Judah.  Hezekiah gets the water supply redirected into the city before the seige starts.
The king sends a letter to intimidate Israel, not expecting to withstand him, as he has defeated so many other nations and gods.
God kills many Assyrians and they leave.
But Hezekiah got proud.  He got sick, and God healed him, but he remained proud.
God left him to himself to show what was in his heart, especially about the Babylonian envoys.

How this is about Jesus
Jesus directs us by His word and example to worship the Lord alone.
He sets up a new temple and new priests.

Do all you can to protect and help your people, and then trust God and stay humble.

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