2 Corinthians 9-11

Have your financial gift for the Judean church ready when I come.
Give the amount you decide, and can give cheerfully, but remember God will supply your needs and if you sow a little you only reap a little.  God gave us a HUGE gift in Christ.

We aren't ministering to you for selfish purposes, but are trying to get every thought of yours be centered upon Christ.  Some of you say I'm weak in person but strong by letter.  Well, we say and do the same thing, whether from a distance or in person.  We aren't trying to "take you over," but want the gospel of Christ to permeate you and beyond you, without commending ourselves.

I'm jealous for you, since I'm the one who brought you to Christ.  Now others teach you a different Gospel and you tolerate it!  Why?  Because they charged you, and I didn't?  They claim the same authority as me, even, but it isn't true.  This makes them deceitful like Satan.
Let me boast like them for a second: I'm a Hebrew, of Abraham, a better servant of Christ than they (this is crazy talk).  I've worked harder, been in jail more, beaten, stoned, shipwrecked three times, in danger from travel, from my own people and from Gentiles, exposed to the elements, without food and water, all while burdened with the care of the churches.  I barely escaped arrest in Damascus.

How this is about Jesus
9 - His self-sacrifice motivates all our giving.
10 - Our every thought needs to be brought captive to Christ
11 - He is the groom, and those who "set us up" with Him in a matchmaking way (lead us to Christ) have a special place in our lives.

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