Ephesians 3-4

Paul has been made a minister to the Gentiles, who are now included in the church, unlike before.
He prays they may know the power and riches of God available to them, which is more than they can ask or imagine.

Maintain the unity of your faith together.  You've been given a gift by the Lord who descended to us and then ascended to heaven.  The gifts are people in roles to help the church grow into Christlikeness and maturity.  Stop living like the Gentiles in sin, and put on the new man of holiness instead.  Don't lie, steal, or talk sinfully, but be kind instead.

How this is about Jesus.
3 - He is the light to the Gentiles
4 - the gifts Jesus has for us, both now and I'm glory, are more than we realize.

There is plenty good to pursue (knowledge of gifts, kindness, etc.) without going back to sinful things.

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