Isaiah 11-13

A branch will come from Jesse's stump, the Spirit of God will be on Him.
He will judge with righteousness, and bring peace in all creation.
He will be the rallying point and resting place of all the nations.
God will bring back His exiled people.

You will praise God for His salvation in that day with joy.

Babylon will be overthrown like Sodom by the Medes.

How this is about Jesus
He is the branch from Jesse, David's father.  The Spirit rests on Him at His baptism.
These three chapters are an excellent microcosm of redemptive history:
11 - Christ's coming, work and gathering of all nations at the end
12 - Our praise at Christ's work
13 - Christ's judging the nations

Our calling is to praise God with rejoicing, and to rally to Christ our banner.

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