Isaiah 26-27

26 - Judah will sing a song of joy, that God gives peace and prosperity to those who trust Him.  But for now, hide while God judges the nations.  The rulers will fall and not rise, but God's dead shall rise and live again.

27 - on that day, God will slay the dragon in the sea.  He will make Israel a fruitful vineyard again.
But Israel doesn't repent, so their atonement will be a destroyed city and a crushed altar.
But in the last day, God will blow the trumpet and gather His people back to worship Him.

How this is about Jesus
It is trust in Jesus that gives peace.  He is the prince of peace.
The dead shall rise in Christ, and at His voice.
He slayed the dragon at the cross.
He is the root and vine we need to abide in to bear fruit.
He prophesied Jerusalem's fall, described in Isaiah 27:9-11.

Trust naturally brings peace, but only if you are trusting a trustworthy Person.
God sees to it that strong, unbelieving nations are brought down, and that His people are purified through chastening.  Military and political calamities bring both of these about.

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