Isaiah 32-33

The nobles will be in their place doing noble things again.
Your fields will be stripped bare until the Spirit comes on you again, bringing justice, righteousness and peace.

In the midst of much corruption, God will consume His enemies and restore His righteous ones.
He will give stability; they will see the king.  God will help and forgive them.

How this is about Jesus
A major theme of these chapters is the king and nobleman of Israel being restored to his place, and Jesus is our King of kings.
Our forgiveness comes by the cross of Christ.

American founders looked to 33:22 for the 3 branches of government they instituted.
We need to look to God and rely on Him in unstable times (33:6).

The effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness & trust forever."
Isaiah 32:17

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