Romans 3

Having God's Word is valuable.  But our unfaithfulness to it only shows God's faithfulness more.
All have sinned, and can be justified only by the redemption Christ gained in His propitiating sacrifice, which showed God's justice against sin and mercy to those covered by it.
So there is no place to boast, since we are all justified by faith in this sacrifice, not by any law-work.

How this is about Jesus
His sacrifice was a
  • substitute - He died in our place
  • propitiation - He satisfied the wrath of God against our sin
  • demonstration - He publicly bore the curse and punishment of our sin, showing God's high standard of righteousness
  • redemption - His death made it possible to buy us back from bondage under sin to God's family

Value God's gifts to you, of Scripture, theology, church, family, education, employment, wisdom, etc.
But do not boast in these things as though they justified you.
We all stand guilty before God without excuse, if we do not have Christ's cross-covering.
Boast in nothing but the cross, for it is the only way to lift God's condemnation of you for your sin.

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