Psalms 96-98

Sing, declaring God's glory among the nations; only He is Lord, with splendor and majesty.
Give Him the glory and offering due to Him.
God reigns, and will judge the earth fairly; so the heavens, sea and fields rejoice!

Yahweh reigns.  Fire and lightning surround Him, showing His power.
The heavens proclaim His purity.  Israel rejoices at His fair judgment.
He preserves her and sows in her seeds of light and joy (which will blossom into... what more?!)

Sing a new song to Yahweh, for He has saved us, and everyone has seen it.
Use your harps and trumpets and voices to praise Him!
The sea and whole world sound forth His praise, because God is coming to judge all with equity.

How this is about Jesus
96 - He is the majestic one (Psalm 45 is about Him).
97 - He showed His hatred for evil (vs. 10) in cleansing the temple and rebuking the Pharisees.  He came to give us fullness of joy (vs. 11).
98 - God's right hand (Jesus) saved us.  Jesus is coming again (vs. 9) to judge the living and the dead.

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