Psalm 67 & 71

God will bless us with His face shining on us.
All the people will praise You, O God!
The nations will "be glad and sing for joy."

I take refuge in You, Lord.  Be my refuge as You have since birth.
Everybody thinks I'm going down, but I praise You yet.
Shame and turn back my accusers!  I will sing of what You have done.
Revive me after trouble, and don't forsake me, even to old age.
I will praise You, for You have defeated those seeking to hurt me.

How this is about Jesus
67 - the light and glory of God is found in the face of Jesus Christ.  Any blessing from God comes through Him.  The nations are HIS inheritance (Psalm 2), so they will be glad, since they will have such a King.

71 - this Psalm is like Psalm 22.  David is surrounded by trouble, but his focus remains on praising God, trusting Him.  So it fits well to imagine Jesus singing Psalm 71 from the cross.

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