2 Kings 1-3

  1. Ahab's son, Ahaziah get hurt in a fall and sends to the god of Ekron for help.  Elijah intercepts his messengers with a message from God that he will die, for not asking the true God.  The messengers return to Ahaziah, who figures out who it is and sends them to arrest Elijah.  Twice they go with 50 men but Elijah calls fire from heaven down on them.  The third time he goes.  Elijah delivers the message of death in person, and it comes true - Ahaziah dies.
  2. Elisha and the other prophets come to know Elijah will be taken from them.  Elisha refuses to leave Elijah, when Elijah asks repeatedly.  Elisha asks for a double portion of Elijah's spirit as a last request, and the horses and chariots of fire come and sweep Elijah away.  Elisha sees it, tears his clothes in grief, takes up Elijah's cloak, and divides the Jordan with it.  Elisha begins to lead the prophets and do miracles.  He restores water, and when cursing naughty boys, 2 bears attack them.
  3. Another son of Ahab becomes king, Jehoram.  Moab rebels against Israel, and Israel musters to go get them, taking Judah along as an ally.  They go 7 days in the desert with no water for the army.  Elisha is along and they inquire of him for help.  He says he will only help since Judah is there - he won't talk to Israel.  He predicts water in the morning, and victory over Moab, and it happens.

How this is about Jesus

  1. When He is arrested, the same thing happens, but without the fire.  Jesus and Elijah were both really in control, though the hostile civil powers sought their life.
  2. There are many parallels between Elijah/Elisha and John/Jesus.  Jesus was greater than John, but in a way took up his mission when John died.  His disciples follow Jesus when John is gone.
  3. Jesus is sent to minister to Israel, but only for the sake of the elect.  The blood of Jesus looks like defeat to His enemies, but brings victory.  The blood reminds us of the Passover, too.


  1. Do not be overly discouraged when the king, president, congress, etc. are opposed to God.  He works His will in other ways.
  2. Don't mock and ridicule the old!  New leaders sometimes at the beginning need to follow their followers (vss. 2:17-18).
  3. Don't plead with people who consistently reject the Gospel - it casts pearls before swine and demeans the Gospel offer.  Jesus is an authority over us, not a pathetic salesman asking for a sale.  On the other hand, there is a time to join with an unbeliever (pro-life march?) in a good cause that will expose them to the Gospel.

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