Acts 10

While Peter is staying in Joppa, an angel appears to Cornelius, a Roman soldier who worships the God of Israel.  The angel tells him to send for Peter, and he does.  God shows Peter a bunch of unclean food, Levitically speaking, and tells him not to reject as unclean what God accepts.  The Spirit still needs to speak to Peter for him to get it, and accept Cornelius and his story and go to him.

Peter preaches Jesus to Cornelius, his family and friends.  The Spirit comes on them, they believe and speak in tongues.  The Jews there are amazed and can't object to baptizing them.

How this is about Jesus
He arranges for the gospel to extend beyond the nation of Israel to the Gentiles.

  • This passage proves the food laws of Leviticus pointed to something bigger - the distinction between Israel and Gentiles, God's people and unbelievers.  Health may have been a side benefit, but it wasn't the main point.
  • Be on the lookout for the Lord to lead you to someone who needs Him, and needs you to tell them about Him.

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