Rejoice in trials, for they build your character and faith.
Ask God when you need wisdom.  He gives every good gift.  He doesn't tempt us, but we drag ourselves to death by caving to our desires.
The humble are exalted.  The doer of the word is blessed; the hearer-only is deceived.  Doing the word involves mercy (visiting widows) and purity.

Don't treat the rich better than the poor.  Keep the whole law of love.
Faith without works won't save you.  Your faith is shown genuine (justified) by the works you do.

It's hard to tame the tongue.  Such a small thing can cause such large-scale damage.  Man can tame big animals, but not his little tongue.  Wisdom will reap a righteous harvest, but jealousy and ambition yield disorder, strife and vileness.

Quarreling comes from covetousness; submit to God with humility and repentance.
Don't boast about your future - it is arrogance.  You don't know what will happen tomorrow.

Woe to the rich, who oppress others with their riches, and hold back good when they can give it.
Be patient to wait for God's timing, like the farmer waiting for his crops.
Pray when you are in trouble, and God will heal and forgive.

How this is about Jesus
As Jesus' brother, James here passes on His teaching ministry in summary.
Luther called this book an "epistle of straw," focused only on justification by faith, which chapter two appears to contradict.  But the faith that alone justifies us, must be the genuine article that will lead to good works.

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