Psalm 89 & 92

I will sing of the Lord's faithfulness and majesty forever!
You rule the sea, the heavens, the mountains, the behemoth.
You covenanted with David to establish him and his descendants forever.
But now we are defiled and plundered.  Where is your faithfulness to Your servants?
"Blessed be Yahweh forever!"

It's good to thank the Lord for His great works to us.
The fool doesn't know, and won't listen.  He may flourish now, but he's headed for destruction.
The righteous will flourish forever like fruitful trees in God's house, green and full of sap.

How this is about Jesus
He is the offspring of David, living forever, who makes this promise possible.  A descendant of David on the throne forever?  Only by the eternal King and son of David, Jesus.

He is the root of David, the tree on which we grow and bear fruit.

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