Amos 4-6

The women in luxury will be herded away into exile like cattle.
Go ahead and keep worshiping idols, since you love it so much!
I warned you with famines, blights, but you wouldn't listen, so "prepare to meet your God."

Only 10% of you will survive.  Seek Me, not your idols.  Do you think the God who made the stars can't touch you?  You squeeze the poor, deny justice in your courts, afflicted the righteous for money.  The prudent run for cover in your evil times.
You think you want the day of Yahweh to come - why would you want that?  It's going to be pain you can't escape.
I can't stand your worship - give Me justice for the needy instead!  But you've been worshiping idols since your 40 years in the desert.

Those in luxury are headed for exile.  You're acting like all the other wicked nations.
I'm bringing complete ruin on full houses.  You'll know it's from Me.

How this is about Jesus
Israel in Jesus' day was looking fervently for their Messiah, and wanted God's judgment to come on their Roman occupiers.  But as Jesus cleansed the temple, He pronounced judgment not on Rome but on Israel for their greed, corruption and idolatrous worship.

Be careful getting used to luxuries.  They will entice your heart away from the Lord - witness Solomon.  God gives us all we have, and He can take it away to wake us up to our faults, or just to help us rely on Him instead of His gifts.

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