1 John

We proclaim to you the Jesus we saw and touched that you may have life and joy.
He is light and cleanses us from the sin in us.

We know we have come to Him if we obey Him and walk as He did.
Love each other, not the things of the world.
Some are teaching that Jesus is not the Christ.  They have left us and the truth, and do not have the Father.

God loved us so much He made us His children.  His people purify themselves and don't go on sinning.  Believe in Jesus and love one another - this is how you know if God abides in you.

If someone ways Jesus came in the flesh, they are of God.
Love is God giving us Jesus to pay for our sins.
You know if you abide in Christ if you have His Spirit, if His love casts out fear in you, and if you love your brother.

Our faith will overcome the world and lead to keeping His commandments.
There are 3 witnesses that God has given us life in Jesus: the Spirit, the water and the blood.
I write to assure you of your life in Jesus, the Son of God.
Jesus came so we would know who is true.

How this is about Jesus
John proclaims Jesus from the opening paragraph to the end of the letter, in every paragraph.
We are to obey His commands.
He came in the flesh.
God loved us by giving Him to us.
Knowing if we abide in Christ is the key question John is seeking to answer.

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