Zechariah 5-8

Zechariah sees a flying scroll.  Those who steal and lie will be consumed in their own homes.
Zechariah sees a woman called Wickedness in a basket, carried off to Babylon.

4 horsemen go out to patrol the earth.
Some exiles from Babylon return to Jerusalem, and Zechariah is told to take silver and gold from them to make a crown.  He is to crown Joshua the high priest.

Some Israelites from Bethel ask Zechariah if they should still fast in the 5th month as they used to.
God responds that they did it for themselves, and that their sins took them to exile.

God has returned to Jerusalem.  Children and the aged will fill her streets again.  God means good to Judah, so speak truth, do justice, don't lie.  Turn the fast into a feast.  More shall return, with gentiles, and seek to worship God.

How this is about Jesus
5 - He condemns the corrupt temple as desolate, and to be consumed.
6 - He is the priest crowned king.  Seldom did the two roles merge into one, and this is a prediction of Jesus who does.
7/8 - Some Greeks seek Jesus at the feast (John 12:20), and many Gentiles flow to God in Acts.

5 - The Word purifies us if we are repentant, but consumes us if we are not.
6 - The contrast between the nations patrolled and the priest crowned is striking.  God exalts His Messiah over the nations, to rule them.  We should take comfort in this, even if we don't see them ruled yet.
7 - Outward traditions (annual fasts or feasts) usually turn into self-serving affairs, instead of the meaningful, God-oriented acts of worship they should be.  Not to be a Grinch, but Christmas comes to mind...
8 - When God restores us, it is a time for feasting and obedience.  You may be over-run by outsiders with more zeal to worship God than you have!

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