2 Peter

God has given you all you need for a life of godliness, so make sure of it.
I remind you of this since I will put off the body soon.  I'll make sure you can recall this after I'm gone.  We saw Jesus transfigured with our own eyes, and we have even more reliable prophecy in the Word written by men moved by the Spirit.

False teachers will come following their sensuality, denying Jesus, blaspheming God, and destroying faith.  God punished the evil angels in Noah's day, and Sodom, while rescuing Lot.  So He can save you and deal with them.  They carouse like beasts and pursue gain like Balaam.  They promise you freedom but are slaves to corruption themselves.

Scoffers will come rejecting Christ's coming.  They stubbornly forget that God made the world by a word in water, and will judge it by His Word in fire.  God isn't tardy in coming, but is being patient in waiting for men to repent.  How much should we pursue holiness since such things are coming?  Listen to Paul, too, though he is hard to understand at times.  Grow in Christ's grace!

How this is about Jesus
False teachers always deny some important truth about Jesus Christ.  Stick to the apostles' writings.

Let the coming of the Lord motivate you to holiness now.
Beware the connection between sensuality and heresy.  When you are addicted to and cherish your pleasures, you will eventually deny your Lord to keep them.

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