Psalm 79-84, 107, 126

The Gentiles have defiled Your temple and wasted Your city.
Our neighbors taunt us.
Deliver and atone for us, Lord, and repay those who mock us!

Restore us and shine Your face on us.
You brought us out of Egypt and planted and increased us like a vine, but now it's withered and ruined.  Restore it, and the son of man at your right hand, so we are saved.

God delivered Israel from Egypt, but they didn't listen to Him.
If they would, I would subdue their enemies and feed You.

God takes His throne among the rulers ("gods").
He calls them to judge justly and rescue the weak.
Although they are great, they will die like men for their crimes.
God will judge and inherit the nations.

Your enemies conspire against Your people, to wipe us out - Edomites, Philistines and Assyrians.
Defeat them as You did Midian and Sisera.
Terrify them so they know You are God.

My soul longs to be in the temple, singing Your praises.
A day in Your courts is better than 1,000 anywhere else.

Let the redeemed give God thanks for bringing them back from their wasteland wandering.

We had laughter and joy when God brought us back from captivity.
Restore our fortunes so our tears turn back to joy.

The idea of grouping these Psalms together is that their theme is after the exile.
God's people during Ezra and Nehemiah's time were seeking restoration for themselves (80, 126), retribution on enemies who continued to harass them (79, 83), rejoicing in God returning them (107), and in having a temple to worship in once again (84).

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