Revelation 1

God gives Jesus a revelation, which He gives an angel to give John, to give to the 7 churches in Asia Minor (in Turkey).
Grace and peace to you from the Father, Spirit and Son, who loved and freed us to be a kingdom.
John was exiled for the Gospel, but Jesus appears to him on the Lord's Day, walking among lampstands which represent churches.  He is majestic and glorious, resembling the Son of Man of Ezekiel and Daniel's visions.
John is overcome and collapses.  Jesus says to fear not for He has all power, even the keys of death, since He died and never will again.

How this is about Jesus
This revelation is His, given by the Father for us to know (vss. 1-3).
He gives us grace and peace through His cross (4-8).
John is imprisoned for Him and sees Him (9-16).
He holds us in His hands; we don't have to fear because He has overcome death (17-20).

No earthly power can stop the revelation of Jesus Christ from getting through to people.
We usually take comfort from having events "in hand" in our lives - under control.  We should take more comfort that Jesus has US in hand.

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