Ezekiel 35-39

Edom is judged for gleefully watching as Israel was destroyed.
God will judge, conquer and possess it instead.

Speak to the mountains of Israel and tell them that Israelites will walk on them again.
Israel’s deeds were unclean like a woman’s menstruation.  When I sent them into exile they kept profaning My name there.  For My name’s sake I’ll bring them back home, sprinkle them clean, give them My Spirit in them instead of their stony heart, cleanse their sin, make the desolate land like Eden again, increase them as a flock, and I will be their God again.

God shows Ezekiel a valley full of bones and tells him to preach to them.
God will put flesh on them, breath in them, make them stand and live.
He will bring Israel out of their graves, back to their land.
He will unite Judah and Israel under one king like David in a covenant of peace forever.

God prophesies against Gog and Magog, rulers who assemble the nations against Israel.
He will defeat them by turning them against each other and raining hail and brimstone on them.
Israel will bury the dead for 7 months (another valley of bones), and burn weapons instead of firewood.  The birds will come and devour the carrion.
Israel will know that I am God then.  I'll show Myself to them and pour out My Spirit on them.

How this is about Jesus
37 - He is the resurrection forerunner, and Davidic king who unites God's people.
38-39 - He leads the army of God to defeat Gog and Magog (Rev. 19-20).

I never noticed before that the famous valley of dry bones in chapter 37 comes before a valley bones in chapter 39.  God's people's graves are emptied of their bones and His enemies' graves are filled.

Look to God to restore you and all things.

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