Prayer for Missions

Part 6 - Ecclesiology
Chapter 47 - Puritan Prayers for World Missions

The later Puritans birthed the missionary movement of Brainerd, Carey and Judson.
Missionary efforts were weak at the peak of Puritan activity due to persecution from Catholics, wars, and the church's own wrongful neglect, but they sought to see "King Christ... go out upon the white horse of the gospel, conquering and to conquer" (761).

Since the Bible is an evangelistic book,
since the spread of the Gospel relies on the Spirit's power,
since God uses gospel preaching to expand His kingdom,
since confidence in Christ's reigning power is needed,
since God promises blessing to all nations through Abraham's Seed,
since we desire that God be glorified by all men,
the Puritans prayed fervently for the church's missionary activity to flourish and succeed.

The method of prayer for missions
Westminster's Directory for public worship calls for the pastor to pray, right before the sermon, "for the propagation of the gospel and kingdom of Christ to all nations, for the conversion of the Jews, the fullness of the Gentiles..." (766).
Singing the Psalms led to missionary zeal, as seen in Psalms 2, 96 and 100.

Don't you want anyone to be saved except yourself and your family and friends?
Pray for those nearby, of course, but also "walk over the vast ocean....  Visit the church of Christ abroad" in your prayers (769).

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