Ezekiel 33-34

God makes Ezekiel a guard to warn Israel when danger is coming.  It's his job to warn them, not to change them.  If they won't listen, that's their problem.  But if Ezekiel doesn't warn them, he has failed.  God wants Israel to return to Him in repentance.
When news of Jerusalem's fall comes, God tells Israel through Ezekiel that He is taking the land from them for their sins.  You don't deserve it just because you're a Jew or because you go listen to sermons or read your Bibles.  You refuse to obey Me.

Israel's shepherds have been selfish and neglected the sheep, even hurting them to advance themselves.  So God will come and gather His sheep Himself and feed them, but will judge the shepherds.  God will restore peace and shower blessing on the land and the people in it.

How this is about Jesus
He is the watchman who warns Israel of her path, like Ezekiel did.
He is the shepherd who seeks out the sheep - Luke 19:10.

33 - Is everyone responsible to speak out?  Ezekiel was made a watchman directly by God.  Parents guard their children.  But are we all watchmen like Ezekiel?  I'd say we need to speak up when we see something amiss.  But we aren't all called to be expert culture warriors, speakers, lobbyists fixers or meddlers of everything.

34 - This is a great text for all those who have been burned by the church.  God knows how to protect or restore children from abusive parents and church members from abusive shepherds.  Same would go for governments that fleece their citizens.

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