Nehemiah 1-6

Nehemiah, an exile from Israel to Persia, hears that Jerusalem is reduced.
He confesses Israel's sins and asks for favor as he goes to the king for help.

He is sad before the king, who asks about it.  He asks to go and rebuild Jerusalem.  The king says yes.
When Nehemiah gets to Jerusalem, he inspects the walls and gates, then goes to the leaders and points out the poor condition and the king's permission, and encourages them to build.  Sanballat and other enemies mock and deride them.

3 - the men who work on each gate are named.

Enemies mock, much of the work is done which makes the enemies mad.  God's people get weary, and hear of the military threat.  Nehemiah stations soldiers with their own clans to be on guard and work at the same time.

Nehemiah gets the rich Jews to forgive debts and stop charging interest for loans to the poor.
He lives cheaply, so as not to charge a high tax.

Sanballat intimidates Nehemiah, making up rumors of Nehemiah's treason.  He isn't bullied, and they finish the wall, but powerful Tobiah is allied with Sanballat.

How this is about Jesus
He is zealous to build the city of God, to make His people strong and pure, as Nehemiah was.
He provides for His people both defenders and builders.

We build and fight better when fighting for our own family and people.
Don't take advantage of the poor.
We are living stones being built into God's house (1 Peter 2:1-10).

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