Zechariah 9-10

God will strike down the nations around Israel.
Rejoice, for your king is coming on a donkey with humility.  He will rule, end the need for all weapons, set the prisoners free.  God will fight for Israel, restore the grain and wine, and "save them as the flock of His people."

My people are scattered because of deceiving shepherds and diviners.
I will strengthen Judah - the cornerstone will come from him - and bring them back home.

How this is about Jesus
9 - He is the King who rode on a donkey at the triumphal entry.
10 - He is the cornerstone from Judah who redeems and restores God's people.

While we see Jesus clearly fulfilling these chapters, there is a good half of the text that is about defeating God's enemies and restoring peace and strength.  God has not seen fit to fulfill it all, yet.

Does 9:13 refer to the Maccabean Wars?

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