1 Peter

You've been born again to a hope for an inheritance from God in heaven, though you suffer here for a while.  The prophets did - and angels do - search out this salvation you have been given.  You are called to be holy, since Jesus has bought you with His precious blood.

You are being built into a spiritual house for God - you are stones coming to the living cornerstone Jesus.  You are a chosen nation, set apart for God, so resist defiling passions, follow the rules of the state, honor and serve others with your freedom.  Slaves should be respectful, even when suffering unjustly.  This is what Jesus did when He died for us on the cross.

Wives should submit to their husbands.  Their strength is their inward character, not outward adornment.  Be humble and loving to each other.  If you suffer for righteousness, don't be afraid or troubled, but be ready to give an answer.  This is what Jesus did when He died, then proclaimed the Gospel in hell to the disobedient from Noah's time.  He escaped with God's help in the ark, as we escape judgment with God's help in baptism.

Suffering has a way of purifying you from the ungodly passions you used to live in.
Be self-controlled, hospitable, not surprised when trials and hostility come.
Be careful you don't suffer for actually doing wrong.
Judgment should begin with the church, anyway.

Elders need to shepherd the flock willingly and well.
Be humble to each other, and resist the devil.
God will complete and restore you after you have suffered a while.

How this is about Jesus
He atoned for our sins with His precious blood.
He is the pattern for how we are to live under trials.

Grace of Christ leads to humility, respect, and purity of life.

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