Ezra 5-10

Israel re-starts rebuilding the temple after Zechariah and Haggai prophesy to do so.
Their enemies living around tattle to Darius on them: "Did you say they could do this?  They say the last king Cyrus said they could do this."

Darius finds the record and writes to Israel's enemies to leave them alone to work.
They finish and dedicate the temple, and celebrate the Passover/Unleavened Bread for the full 7 days.

Ezra goes to Jerusalem in Artaxerxes' reign.  Ezra is a priest descended from Aaron, and goes to teach the Law of God to Israel.  The king gives him, silver and gold for use in the temple, a letter authorizing a large budget from the Syrian governor for temple supplies, tax exemption for all temple workers, authority to appoint teachers and judges of the Law under him throughout the province.

Ezra gathers the group of a few hundred, but there is no Levite, so they seek and find one.  They pray and fast for protection on the journey.  They didn't want to ask the king for a guard since they had already said God would protect them.  Ezra puts the gold in the care of a dozen leading priests.  They travel and arrive safely!

Some officials tell Ezra that many Israelites have inter-married with the syncretist or pagan people already in the land.  Ezra prays a prayer of grief and repentance about it.

The rulers encourage Ezra to help them set the situation right.  He prays all night, then summons Israel to assemble.  But it's the rainy season.  The people agree they have sinned, and ask to come to Jerusalem city by city to sort it out, since it'll take a while.  Those who had intermarried are listed.

How this is about Jesus/Application
He moves the heart of kings and robbers to provide for and protect His people.
He wants a pure people, not mixed up with other gods.

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