Revelation 7-13

Destruction (wind) is held back from the earth until the saints are sealed.  Their complete number is emphasized by the twelves and the inclusion of every Jewish tribe.
John sees saints in glory who are done suffering on earth, worshiping the Lamb with all pain done away.

The 7th seal brings silence and prayer heard in heaven, then an outburst of power from heaven's altar to earth.
The first 4 of 7 trumpets blow, bringing destruction on earth just like the first 4 seals did.

The fifth trumpet releases Apollyon, and at the sixth trumpet his locust army is released across the Euphrates and afflicts the earth.  Those not killed by them continue in their idolatry and other sins without repenting.

A mighty angel stands on sea and land with a scroll in his hand and says the delay is over.
God tells John to eat the scroll.  It is sweet at first, but bitter (indigestion?) in his stomach.

John is told to measure the temple, and that the Gentiles will trample it for 3.5 years.
Then God will give 2 strong witnesses to Himself, but allow the beast to kill them in Jerusalem.  Unbelievers will rejoice, but God will resurrect them.
The seventh trumpet blows and an angel announces the victory of Christ over the nations.

The history of Christ is given in apocalyptic form.  His birth, rule and ascension in spite of the dragon's pursuit are emphasized.  Satan fights with God and is kicked out of heaven.  He falls to earth and fights against God and His people there.

John sees two beasts that worship the dragon.  One rises from the sea, with authority to blaspheme God and conquer the saints.  The beast on land deceives many, and forces the mark of the beast on all or they are excluded from the economy and any trade.

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