God through Haggai to the governor and high priest of Judah:
You keep saying it isn't time to rebuild the temple, but it's fine for you to work on your own homes?
I've sent hardship because of your disobedient priorities.
They listen and begin to work again, so God says, "I am with you."

God through Haggai to the governor and high priest of Judah:
The temple looks like nothing compared to Solomon's, I know.
Don't be discouraged.  Be strong!  Work!  My Spirit is with you.
Greater glory than ever is coming to this place.
I'm going to bless you from the day you laid the foundation of the temple going forward.
I'm going to shake kingdoms and give Governor Zerubbabel a secure position.

How this is about Jesus
2:9 prophesies the coming of Jesus to the temple now being built.  Solomon's structure was greater than the one they start to build now, even after Herod's work up to Jesus' day.  But the person of Jesus is far more glorious than any temple.

There is a great deal of conviction and encouragement here, especially up to 2:9.  We are impoverished in part by our refusal to put the Lord first in our economic lives.  But when we make a beginning, however humble, the Lord is with us.  Don't leave off your work just because you aren't working on a cathedral or the next great work of art.  God honors the work, not how glorious it becomes.

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