Psalm 74-78

Rise up O God and act!
Your enemies have destroyed Your temple and land.
You sit there with Your hands in Your pockets!
You acted of old to establish the waters and hold back Leviathan.
They are scoffing at us; regard Your covenant and defend Your cause!

God will judge the earth - don't look to east or west for judgment.

God is known in Judah.
He has stopped swords, stripped the stouthearted, rebuked rebels, His wrath rumbled.
Worship the God who can cut off kings in their might.

I'm in trouble and have no comfort, though I cry to God.
Has His love stopped, His promises died away?
I'll remember His deeds of old.
You redeemed Jacob through the sea.  "You led Your people like a flock" out of Egypt.

I will speak of God's deeds to my children's children, unlike our stubborn fathers.
God did miracles for Israel - water from the rock in the desert - but they sinned and doubted Him.
God didn't give up on them, but brought them into the land.
But they rebelled against Him in the land, too, and He sent destroyers against them.
They turned back to Him now and then, but not with all their heart.
God chose Judah and raised up King David and a sanctuary for Himself among His people.
He (God or David) guided and shepherded them skillfully.

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