Zechariah 1-4

Return to God, as your fathers did.
Zechariah sees 4 horsemen who were patrolling the earth. God is angry at the nations for treating Israel so harshly.  He will restore the temple in Jerusalem and scatter the nations that scattered her.

Zechariah sees a man with a measuring tape, going to measure Jerusalem.
He will live among Israel again, and other nations will join with Israel, the apple of His eye.


Zechariah sees the high priest standing before God with dirty clothes and Satan accusing him.
But God rebukes Satan and orders the dirty clothes replaced with clean.
God will send His servant the Branch and remove Israel's iniquity in one day.

Zechariah sees a 7-bowl lampstand fueled by two olive trees.
By God's Spirit (represented by the oil) the temple begun will be finished and the governor and priest will stand.

How this is about Jesus / Application
1 - Revelation shows us 4 horsemen, too, bringing judgment on the nations, and Jesus riding on a white horse.  Revealing God's anger against our enemies comforts us.
2 - We are the apple of God's eye because He first favored Jesus His Son (Matt.3:17).
3 - He is the Branch servant sent to remove our iniquity in a single day.  When you face accusations or accuse yourself, this chapter brings assurance that God Himself will have mercy as you repent, even if others will not give you mercy.
4 - He is the Spirit fueled Messiah (anointed one) who will lay the key stone in God's temple.  We don't get things done on our own effort, but only motivated by God's Holy Spirit.

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