John Bunyan's Preaching

Part 6 - Ecclesiology
Chapter 44 - John Bunyan's Preaching to the Heart

John Owen, who spoke with kings, often went to hear the tinker Bunyan preach.
His heart for the Gospel and men's souls was evident.

He understood the heart, having a lively faith that began with terror and doubt at his sinfulness, leading him to appreciate the grace of Christ.

He preached in a plain way that made the hearer participate.  Today we call it dialogical, creating a dialogue or impersonating what the hearer might be thinking.  He did this powerfully, so that the hearer thought he was describing himself to a "t."

He preaching in a pleading manner, not content to simply lay out the truth, but calling for change in his audience.

He preached to exalt Christ both in our conversion and for eternity in glory.

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