Revelation 21-22

John sees the new heaven and earth and new Jerusalem.
God dwells with men and puts an end to all pain and sadness.
He gives His people the water of life, but casts the wicked into the lake of fire.
The bride, the new Jerusalem, has God's glory, 12 gates of pearl on 12 foundations, the apostles.
It is a perfect cube, made of gold, even the streets, and 12 jewels.
They will walk with God there in safety and purity.

The river and tree of life are in the midst of the city.  The leaves heal the nations.
We will see and worship God, reigning with Him with no night.

This is what will happen.
John is overwhelmed and falls to worship the angel showing him these things, and the angel stops him, directing him to worship God.
Jesus is coming soon.  He sent this message to us through His angel.  He is the root and son of David.
Blessed are those ready for Him.  Cursed are the wicked.
Don't add to or take away from this book.

"The grace of the Lord Jesus be will all.  Amen."

How this is about Jesus
The new heaven and earth are remade through Him.
The city is His, and it is His to recompense all men by His justice or mercy.
As we see God in the face of Jesus, we will fully see Him there - this is the greatest blessing.

Looking forward to heaven changes us in the present.
"He who has this hope purifies himself" (1 John 3:3).
We cannot attain this ultimate blessing ourselves, but need Jesus to bring it to us.

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