Revelation 14-16

John sees 144,000 pure saints with the Lamb, while 3 angels proclaim the judgment and demise of Babylon.
Angels with sickles harvest the earth of its crops and wine, representing mankind.  The blood runs deep and long 186 miles and as high as a horses bridle.

John sees the saints and angels worshiping God around the sea of crystal.
He sees 7 angels with 7 bowls of plagues and wrath, which are poured out next.

The first 4 bowls bring sores and hurt on nature and all people.
The 5th strikes the beast's kingdom with darkness and anguish.
The 6th unleashes an unholy trinity of demons that gather the nations' armies to fight God at Armageddon.
The 7th brings earthquake, hail, and further torment on mankind.

How this is about Jesus
14 - He is with His saints and directs the close of history.
15/16 - He orders the punishments on unbelieving mankind.  This is the wrath of the Lamb.

14 - At the end, men will be harvested as crops.  Will the farmer want to keep you as good grain, or throw you to the fire as diseased or withered and no good?

15 - Worship of God continues whether saints are received to their everlasting rest, or unrepentant receive punishment from Christ.

16 - Punishment often brings further rebellion from us.

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