2 Timothy

Paul to Timothy:
I thank God for my ancestors in the faith and yours.
Don't be ashamed of the gospel or of me as a prisoner for it.
Guard the faith you were entrusted with; I know God will guard what he entrusted me with.

Teach other men to guard the faith, too.  Work and suffer for this as soldiers, athletes and farmers do.
Purify yourself and handle the Word rightly.  Be gentle, not quarrelsome, even in opposing error.

You'll have plenty rebellious and erring people to deal with.
Continue in the Scriptures - they will make you wise, all of it being useful for teaching.

Preach that Word!  I'm close to death.
Come before winter if you can, with Mark and my cloak and books.
Nobody stood with me at my first trial, but I was delivered.

How this is about Jesus
He is the one Paul has believed, able to guard the faith and truth among His church until He returns.

Though Paul charges Timothy to guard the faith, he ultimately trusts Jesus to do it.
Paul main charge to Timothy is two-fold: guard your life (self-control, suffering, discipline) and doctrine (read the Word, correct error, etc.).

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