Zechariah 11-14

Israel is doomed to slaughter, and has foolish, selfish shepherds.
Zechariah is hired as a shepherd but can't get along with the selfish shepherds.
They give him 30 pieces of silver and God tells him to throw it into the temple.
Jesus: this is a clear foreshadowing of Jesus, the Great Shepherd, who clashes with the rulers of Israel
Judas is given 30 silver for his betrayal.  He returns it, and they use it to buy the Potter's Field.
Application: Matthew's use of this chapter is a strong rebuke of Israel and her leaders.  They are doomed to slaughter.  They are foolish shepherds who reject wisdom and try to fire their Savior from His calling as their shepherd.

God will save and protect Israel when they are under siege from their enemies.
The nations will look on the One they pierce and mourn.
Jesus:  also a clear foreshadowing of Christ.  God protects His people by the piercing of His Son.  Those who kill Him later lament it and many believe.  This can refer both to the Jews who come from all nations at Pentecost and are cut to the heart at Peter's sermon, and to the Gentiles who actually crucify Him but later are converted as an entire empire to Christ.

God will provide a fountain to clean Israel of her sins.
Former false prophets will disavow that they ever prophesied.
They will strike the Shepherd and scatter the sheep, but God will refine His people.
Jesus: He is the fountain of verse 1.  He speaks of verse 7 when they arrest Him in Gethsemane.
Application: when awful things happen (verse 7), God is doing an important work (verse 9).

The day of the Lord is coming with disaster and vengeance.
God Himself will stand on the Mount of Olives, His saints with Him.
God will bring in perfect justice: plague on sinners, punishment on those who will not worship Him, no trading in God's house, every part of His people holy and consecrated to Him.

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