Revelation 17-20

One of the 7 angels shows John a prostitute on waters who commits adultery with many kings and drinks the blood of the saints.  Her name is Babylon and she will fall to the kings.

Babylon's fall is sung.  She was a great city with much wealth and trade, so her fall affects many.
God's people are called out of her, so as not to be defiled by her.

The saints praise God for the destruction of Babylon.
The marriage of the Lamb is proclaimed - they are blessed who are invited.
Jesus appears on a horse with His armies behind Him.  He conquers the beast and earth's kings gathered against Him.

Satan is imprisoned for 1000 years while the martyred saints reign with Christ.
When he is released he deceives and gathers the nations to war against Christ, surrounding the beloved city.  Fire from heaven consumes them and Satan is thrown into the lake of fire.
The dead are brought before the throne of judgment and judged according to what they have done.  Death and Hades are thrown into the fire, and anyone not in the book of life.

How this is about Jesus
Babylon opposes Him, in her self-satisfied indulgence and harm done to His people.
He is the Bridegroom headed for a wedding to the glorious and spotless Church.
He is the warrior who conquers and destroys the bad guys.

It is from Scriptures such as these that we write stories about the demise of bad guys and relish their defeat.  We long for our marriage to the Lord.
Whether we believe Satan is now bound and we are reigning, or that that time is still coming and Satan is loose and powerful now, the last judgment should motivate us to godliness (2 Peter 3:11-13).

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