Ezekiel 40-48

God shows Ezekiel a detailed vision of the temple restored, walking him through and measuring it.
He does this to make Israel ashamed of her sins (43:10).
The sacrifices are described, and the priests' duties.
The east gate stays shut now, since God re-entered through it.  The prince sits there.
There is water flowing from the temple out to the sea, giving life to the world.
Trees on each side of the river give fruit.  Eden is restored.
Land of Israel is described with tribal boundaries.

How this is about Jesus
This is a picture of life as it is supposed to be.  Jesus is the way, truth and life.
Notice how Ezekiel and Revelation are very similar.  Vision at the beginning of the wheel and vision of Jesus.  In the middle we have judgements, and at the end a great final battle where evil is defeated and the city is restored and life-giving.

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