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Great article by Jason Meyer (Piper's successor at Bethlehem Baptist), on the difference between complementarianism and hyper-headship, and how it relates to domestic abuse.
The only thing I wish he would have said is that egalitarians argue against complementarianism by equating it, straw-man fashion, with hyper-headship.  To them, by defining distinct roles for each sex, you are by definition abusing women.

Spurgeon: "Odd that certain men who talk so much of what the Holy Spirit reveals to themselves, should think so little of what he has revealed to others" - Tabletalk, Sept 2015, pg. 19.

"Am I saying that every woman should be a housewife in the narrow definition, never working outside the home?  No, I am not.  But having a job outside the home should not subvert our primary responsibilities in our home, especially our high calling as a wife to love our husbands, and as a mother to love our children" - Aimee Byrd, Housewife Theologian, pg. 141.

Most of Doug Wilson's book reviews are 3-4 lines long.  He took more time on this biography of Anglican Reformer Richard Hooker, and it's stellar.  Check it out.

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