Revelation 2-6

Jesus speaks to each of the 7 churches with

  • encouragement for their faithfulness in persecution,
  • warning where they are starting to compromise their integrity or doctrine,
  • and promises to reward their faithfulness in the end.
John is caught up to the throne room of heaven, seeing 
  • God as jewels, a rainbow, 7 torches (the Spirit), and a sea of glass/crystal,
  • 24 elders around the throne, representing men,
  • 4 beasts that lead worship of God: "Holy, Holy, Holy,"
God has a sealed scroll that no one can open except the lion of the tribe of Judah.
John sees a Lamb standing, that had been slain.  He takes the scroll, and all begin to worship Him.

6 seals are opened.
  • The first 4 bring 4 horses and horsemen that bring conquest, violence, famine/oppression, and death
  • The 5th shows slain saints under the altar in heaven calling for vengeance for their blood.
  • The 6th brings an great earthquake so bad the kings of earth cry out for death to escape the wrath of the Lamb.

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